No Bullies Allowed

Behavior in elementary schools across the nation underscores the point that bullying has become rampant. Humiliation, taunting, and physical abuse can leave lifelong emotional scars that affect the rest of a victim’s life.

radKIDS is about safety and self-defense for children. And bullying is one of the areas we cover–a very important area, if you ask kids in grades 3 and higher. Research agrees: up to 75% of students report being bullied during their school years; over 10,000 stay home from school at least once a month out of fear of bullies. And this fear is not unfounded. A recent report reveals that over 66% of attackers in school shootings were victims of longstanding, severe harassment and bullying.

The old thinking that “kids will be kids,” or that “it’s just part of growing up” is erroneous–not to mention harmful. If a child is bullied, it is important for the protection and/or restoration of their own self-esteem that they stand up for themselves. There are ways to do this that do not put the bullied child in further danger.

The idea of “ignoring the bully and he’ll stop”  is no longer taught. (Thank goodness, because as many can attest to, not only doesn’t it work, but it often makes the situation worse.) Studies have shown that bullies are not kids with low self-esteem who just want attention. They are predators and their behavior must not be allowed to continue.

Defending themselves allows the targets of bullying to know that they have worth, that they don’t deserve to be teased, mocked, or hit, and that the problem is the bully’s behavior, not themselves.

As a parent, you may need to meet with your child’s teacher and/or principal. With so many other children on their radar screen, they may simply not be aware of the problem. Make them aware. And let them know you expect the situation to be resolved immediately. Your child has a right to be safe at school. You have a responsibility to insure that he is.

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