Let the ball come to you and strike down and forward as though you were trying to slice off a piece of the ball. The slice forehand is an effective shot in a number of situations as a low approach shot to an opponent's backhand, as a deep rally shot that can neutralize an opponent's topspin off either side because the slice bounces lower than their strike zone, as a disguise shot for a drop shot, etc. The backhand slice is mostly seen as a defensive shot to win time, change pace, and get back into position. Still, I am glad I learned the continental grip. 17:41 Chapter 5 (Forehand Myths) Chapter 5 (Forehand Myths) 26. This is one of the most important sections to slice for a player perfectly. Ahead of her matchup against Serena Williams in Indian Wells, Monica Niculescu discusses how she developed her forehand slice, whether she likens herself to "The Magician" Fabrice Santoro, and how . Tennis Defensive slice off own side Forehand Drills The player stands on the baseline and the coach stands in front of the . Forehand Drop Volley (12) Forehand Half Volley (9) Forehand Swing Volley (26) Forehand Volley . This video features USPTA Master Professional Bill Tym explaining the fundamentals of the slice forehand stroke. Defensive forehand 24. But there are pros that use it as a weapon. Forehand Dinking Strategy 2.5 to 3.0 *2. For Shriver, the forehand slice is a natural extension of the squash shot. Reverse forehand 25. To increase the difficulty of the drill, place two cones or markers as targets. The Tennis Conversation: Ajla Tomljanovic By David Kane May 14, 2022. It drives through the court. "This is another specialty shot of today, when you're at absolute maximum stretch, people realized like what a valuable . 2.1.3 Prepare for Contact. As the player takes the racquet back, the racquet head opens. Although it is generally a defensive shot, but it can be used as an offensive stroke if executed . Inside out forehand / Inside in forehand 23. THE SECRET TO THE BACKHAND SLICE. In this video you will learn how to hit a forehand slice. Where players might have thrown up a desperation defensive lob in the . You need to login and purchase this course in order to be able to access this lesson. While del Potro has sliced out of physical necessity, numerous top men's players Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal and others have developed the one-handed backhand slice as a . Thus tennis shots can be categorized according to when they are hit (serve, groundstroke, volley, half volley), how they are hit (smash, forehand, backhand, flat, side spin, block, slice, topspin shot), or where they are hit (lob, passing shot, dropshot, cross-court shot, down-the-line shot). Expand . Defensive forehand 24. It is an effective stroke where the ball stays low and changes the pace of the rally, making it difficult for the opponent to hit a winner. Slice forehand. With a partner, play mini tennis cross court. The backhand slice stroke in tennis is a great stroke to have to change the rhythm of the game and to play effective, neutralizing shots from defensive situations. Often players will miss the forehand slice because they hit the ball with the strings too flat towards the net. The slice forehand is many times regarded as a shot used only when you are pulled out wide to your forehand side. Fabrice Santoro on the men's side hits basically a 2 handed forehand slice as his forehand and it is clearly his weaker wing. News Politics World Sport Technology Business Money Opinion Obituaries Travel Defensive forehand Drive Shot: The basic concept behind this is just having a better grip of the handle of the racket. 1.2 When to Hit a Defensive Lob.

"He used to use the slice forehand as a 'safety mode' [a defensive option] back in the days, and now he uses it as a weapon. 3 Responses to Improving the defensive backhand slice. Sinner gets a look at a second serve but he puts his forehand return long. Pickup forehand Chapter length: 21 Minutes Slice Drop Shot: This shot is both; subtle and tricky. The continental grip is a versatile grip that works great for a backhand slice lob. Defensive Slice Off Own Side. 2.2 Making Contact with the Ball. It helps the users backspin on the ball and gives the opponent different looks and confusion. Before hitting the ball, you should take a lateral position to the net. . During rallies, a forehand slice will throw off your opponent because it's seemingly taboo to hitand therein lies its beauty. Slice lobs will float, so when to hit it matters as much as any lob. The forehand slice backswing starts with a shoulder turn. This is a crucial shot to get safety and stability into you game,. Pickup forehand Chapter length: 21 Minutes. Forehand approach shot 21. In this video, you will learn how to play a forehand slice. I employ it for a forehand slice, low bouncing balls, all volleys, lobs and some serves. Reverse forehand 25. Kinetic chain 27. You only chop when you're far in the back court. But Pernfors was . If you want more badminton training content, inspiration and exercises, you can now join Badminton Famly Plus right here: https://plus.badmintonfamly.com/ $ . It is the 21st-century version of the forehand slice that was once a staple of the stars in the days of wooden rackets. The forehand is the oldest - powerful and assertive; even sometimes, a bully. Dinking. The motion of "slicing" the strings underneath the ball creates backspin and while this shot helps pros reset the point, a savvy . A good shot to hit against a slicer is a tremendous top spin shot, something high and soft and deep. Its much easier to hit a low ball with topspin on a forehand than on a backhand. The face will be parallel to the net, and again the stroke will make the difference. This tennis video demonstrates the basics of the slice forehand in slow motion (300 frames / sec.). Tennis Defensive slice off own side Forehand Drills The player stands on the baseline and the coach stands in front of the . 3 Let's See What You Can Do! 2 The 3 Steps to Successfully Hit a Lob in Tennis. This . Badminton Famly - Defensive forehand slice In this case you turn the face of your racket perpendicular to the ground and then grab the handle with your right hand from above.

18. This means that your right shoulder is facing the opponent. The Forehand Tennis Slice is great to use when: Your opponent hits a very low shot; When you're out of position and unable to set up for a Topspin Forehand. News. players nationally and internationally who . . beat a rusty Milos Raonic where he used the slice far more than he came over the ball with his double-handed backhand. For the slice you use the "Continental grip". The defense shot can be played both with your forehand and with your backhand. Alternate hitting slice backhands cross court and down the line. The reverse slice forehand drop shot is another deceptive technique that experienced players use to control the rally, and keep the advantage. Wrist snap 29. . Sometimes backswing changes pace while the other times are curved. This is "Defensive Slice Forehand" by EducaTennis on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Baca juga: 4 Gerak Spesifik Permainan Tenis Meja The angle of the strings during the contact zone. For returning serve, I use the eastern backhand slice to keep the return low which gives me or my partner a volley put away on the next shot. SLICE UP: The forehand slice approach Nov 18, 2016. "You can keep the ball lower, the ball . Raise the table tennis racket. The next progression is to try to apply the new forehand topspin technique in a live ball exchange. In this tennis tips video, Coach.

Offensive Middle Dink. the second is a fine slice at the net that Nadal . Forehand Dinking Strategy 3.5 to 4.0 *4. He covers the grip, stance, backswing, forward swing, contact point and follow-through. This will give you lots of power but no underspin (slice) on the shot. Margaret Farris October 4, 2016 at 11:39 am # liked the movementSeniors though cannot move this way when teaching this grp.Though will use footwork slice on drills for younger persons. By using your FOREHAND SLICE in these two situations you will be able to neutralize poi. Another thing is slices are lower percentage than flat or topspin shots. This drill comes with a recovery variation in order to increase difficulty level when wished. DEFENSIVE FOREHAND DRILL. Nadal mixes things up with a couple of slices and defensive strokes to the corners before attacking with a backhand finish down the line to set up two break points. Forehand slice 19. The most common shots that are an over-chest forehand stroke are the following: Offensive forehand clear shot; Defensive forehand clear shot; Basic or slow forehand drop shot; Slice or fast forehand drop shot; Reverse . The forehand slice backswing also plays a vital role in executing the perfect and effective slice forehand shot. "This is another specialty shot of today, when you're at absolute maximum stretch, people realized like what a valuable . The swing path of a forehand slice is very similar to a forehand volley except much longer. Cupping Volley Dink. Backhand Slice Lob. If the slice is low and heavy and well-placed, you would need to have a Nadal-esque forehand to hit a winner. If you study all of the videos and tips above, then you will be able to develop your backhand slice into a defensive weapon on the tennis court. All shots that pass either over or around the net .

. High forehand / Low forehand 22. While you attempt to play the same type of forehand as in the previous drill, your partner tries to return back nice and slow slice balls. Mostly viewed as a defensive recovery shot, allowing you to recover position on the court, it can still be used to strike a spectacular winner. Eastern backhand still my favorite service grip

(S ince the Slice is relatively slow compared to the Topspin, you have time to recover, if out of position); You want to disguise your shot when hitting a lob (high shot) over your head or a drop shot near the net. Hitting a forehand slice is a good way to get on the defensive in a point real quick. 3 Responses to Improving the defensive backhand slice. . (1MB) Points to look for: The feet are placed with the right foot slightly further back than the left foot, to make it easier to put weight on the right leg during the stroke. 2.3 Executing the Lob Follow Through.