When you take RAD Women’s Self-Defense, you learn:

  1. Day-to-Day Strategies for Avoiding Violence
  2. Strategies Against Date Rape
  3. Personal Tools
  4. Optimal Targets
  5. Color Code of Awareness
  6. Defensive Stances
  7. Block
  8. Parry
  9. The Fist as Weapon: 4 Striking Motions
  10. Hammer Fist: High and Low
  11. The Leg as Weapon: 4 kinds of Kicks
  12. How to break out of a Single-handed Wrist Grab
  13. Finger Rolls
  14. The Foot as Weapon: use different parts of foot against targets of attacker
  15. How to break out of a 2-handed Wrist Grabs: High and Low
  16. Bear Hugs: Front and Back
  17. Elbow Strikes: High and Low
  18. How to break out of Choke Holds: Front and Back
  19. Ground Fighting
  20. Rape Reversals

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